O’Callahan & Butson 2021

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships between sleep and performance in the clinical setting in medical imaging undergraduate students. The effect of sleep on performance has been studied previously, but research has relied on sleep-logs; a form of self-reporting. Biometric devices provide a non-invasive way to record sleep duration and efficiency without relying on self-reports. Through informal, near real-time discussions via instant messaging, students can link their sleep data to their feelings of wellbeing without relying heavily on retrospective self-reporting. Employing Actigraph devices, 24 hour sleep/wake data will be gathered including a) sleep duration, b) sleep efficiency. By using WhatsApp as an instant messaging device, we will be in constant communication with the participants and through informal messaging and face-to-face discussions, build a narrative around the undergraduate’s lived experience in the context of the quantified self.