Dr Russell Butson

Russell is a senior lecturer in higher education/educational technology. His research is focused on the learning that takes place within the university setting. He is currently leading a research program that incorporates innovative topics and methods to explore, understand and change our conceptions and approaches to academic learning. He is a pioneer in the use of digital devices and sensors to capture naturally occurring behavioural data (Reality Mining). His current research is focused on the role of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in the academic development of faculty and students.


Dr Jason Mair

Dr Faith Jeremiah

Larian Nkomo

Doctoral Student

In education, engagement is considered critical to the enhanced student experience and ultimately learning outcomes. How are students engaging with different digital technologies? The increasing integration of digital technologies into education necessitates the exploration of how students engage with these technologies. This research utilises data mining approaches on digital traces to explore how students engage with different digital technologies (e.g. learning management system, social media, and lecture capture), and establish patterns of engagement with digital technologies useful to enhancing student learning experiences with technology.